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Appeared in Anomaly Journal, Sacred Americas Folio

"If the landlord cuts off the hot water on New Years Day, you can shower at the 24-Hour Fitness on Van Ness early in the morning, depending on who is working the door."

"They walk nine deep across two city blocks towards the Powell Street Metro Station, a handful of teenage boys. The previous evening, they’d come from Oakland to the Embarcadero and wrestled their way through a large crowd to watch fireworks on the waterfront on New Year’s Eve."

"How to Wage Some Unholy War"

"When They Heard About Oscar"

Appeared in Requited Journal

"We don’t remember the stillness before Aurora came. How her light pierced the sky with no warning. How we jumped in vain attempts to touch it. How Aurora drowned the moon and smothered the stars with shades of blue and green and pink. How we fell to our knees in reverence."


Appeared in Word Riot

"I come back to the dorms to find my new roommate dry-shaving her face in a cracked compact mirror. She hums as she scrapes the razor against her cheek, a sad tune I don’t know."


Appeared Blackberry: A Magazine

"That September, not a night went by without some drunken girl stumbling in the shrubs. Each was found lying supine in the grass with her face to the sky."


Appeared in 4'33"

"He shoves his hands around in his pockets, something he does when he is anxious, and wills her to tell him what she is thinking."


More Fiction

Appeared in Boston Review

"This is how I will always remember Mammì. Covering my eyes before I can cover hers."

"Even the Moon"
Appeared in the The Rumpus

"When I think of you, I see only what is left, what I can hold in my hand."


Appeared in Indiana Review

"This is how to self-exile to Venice, Italy: First, commit yourself to furthering your Italian conversational skills. You’ve studied the language for three years at Berkeley, but your mother’s Sicilian dialect is hard to break."

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